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In the future, a revolutionary brand-new psychiatric therapy called desire therapy has actually been created. A tool called the "DC Mini" enables the customer to watch individuals's desires. The head of the group working with this therapy, Physician Atsuko Chiba, starts utilizing the device illegally to assist psychological individuals outside the research center, using her alter-ego "Paprika", a sentient persona that she presumes in the desire world.

Paprika counsels Investigator Toshimi Konakawa, that is tormented by a reoccuring dream. Its incompleteness is a fantastic resource of stress and anxiety for him. At the end of the session, she offers Konakawa a card with a name of a web site on it. This kind of coaching session is not officially approved, so Chiba, her employees and also Konakawa should beware that word does not leak out pertaining to the nature of the DC Mini as well as the presence of Paprika. Chiba's closest ally is Physician Kōsaku Tokita, a brilliant man-child and also the innovator of the DC Mini. Since they are unfinished, the DC Minis lack gain access to limitations, allowing anyone to enter another individual's dreams, which postures severe repercussions when they are taken. Practically quickly, the chief of the division, Physician Toratarō Shima, takes place a nonsensical tirade as well as jumps through a home window, nearly eliminating himself.

Upon checking out Shima's dream, including a lively ceremony of objects, Tokita identifies his aide, Kei Himuro, which confirms their uncertainty that the burglary was a within task. After 2 various other researchers fall victim to the DC Mini, the chairman of the firm, that was against the task to begin with, bans the use of the gadget totally. This fails to hinder the delirious parade, which handles to assert Tokita, who went inside Himuro's desire searching for answers and also horned in Konakawa's desire. Paprika and Shima take issues right into their own hands and also find that Himuro is just a vacant covering. The genuine offender is the chairman, with the aid of Doctor Morio Osanai, that believes that he should safeguard desires from the human race's impact through desire therapy. Paprika is at some point captured by the set after a stressful chase. There, Osanai admits his love for Chiba and also actually peels away Paprika's skin to reveal Chiba below. Nonetheless, he is interrupted by the furious Chairman who requires that they round off Chiba; as both share Osanai's body, they battle for control as they argue over Chiba's destiny. Konakawa gets in the dream from his own recurring desire, and gets away with Chiba back into his. Osanai gives chase via Konakawa's reoccuring dream, which finishes in Konakawa capturing Osanai to take control of the desire. The act really eliminates Osanai's physique with a genuine bullet injury.
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Desires and also fact have actually currently merged. The dream parade is running amok in the city, as well as truth itself is beginning to unravel. Shima is virtually eliminated by a giant Japanese doll, however is saved by Paprika, that has actually become an entity separate from Chiba thanks to dreams and reality merging. In the middle of the disorder, Tokita, through a giant robotic, consumes Chiba and also prepares to do the exact same for Paprika. A ghostly phantom of Chiba shows up and discloses that she has loved Tokita this whole time and has just been repressing these feelings. She pertains to terms with her own quelched wishes, integrating herself with the part of her that is Paprika. The chairman returns through a living headache, reveals his twisted dreams of omnipotence, and threatens to darken the world with his deceptions. Paprika go back to Tokita, throwing herself into his body. An infant emerges from the robotic covering and also sucks in the wind, aging as she sucks up the chairman himself, ending up being a fully-grown mix of Chiba as well as Paprika. In this first time kind, she is able to eat the chairman's dream kind as well as finish the problem he created prior to fading away.

In the last scene, Chiba sits at Tokita's bedside as he gets up. Later, Konakawa checks out the web site from Paprika's card as well as receives a message from Paprika: "Atsuko will certainly change her surname to Tokita ... and also I recommend seeing the movie Dreaming Kids." Konakawa goes into a movie theater and also purchases a ticket for Dreaming Children.

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